Join us on a journey to revolutionize the decentralized finance landscape. The DEX Grant Program is designed to support visionary teams eager to integrate SDK into their products, enhancing functionality, user experience, and security across DeFi platforms.

Welcome to the DEX grant program

Empower your DeFi innovations with our support
Our grant is open to developers of DeFi products and those integrating DeFi mechanics into existing platforms. Whether you’re developing integration connectors to various products, enhancing a wallet, exchange, or a game with DeFi features, we’re here to help you grow.
Eligibility criteria

Who can apply?

Project scope

Applicants must be developing a DeFi product or integrating DeFi mechanics into their existing products. This includes, but is not limited to, connectors, digital wallets, exchanges, DeFi platforms, and games with integrated tokens or DeFi functionalities.

Stage of development

Projects at various stages of development are eligible, whether they are in the conceptual phase, under active development, or seeking to add new features to an existing product.

Technical viability

The proposed project should be technically feasible with a clear plan for integration of the SDK. Applicants should demonstrate a basic understanding of the technical requirements and have the necessary skills or resources to implement the integration.

Innovative approach

We encourage applications that bring novel ideas or unique approaches to the DeFi space. Projects that demonstrate creativity and the potential to contribute meaningfully to the ecosystem will be given preference.

Compliance with regulations

All projects must adhere to the relevant legal and regulatory standards applicable in their region of operation. It is the responsibility of the applicants to ensure compliance.

Application submission

Applicants must complete and submit the grant application form, providing detailed information about their project, team, and how they plan to utilize the grant.

Team composition

We welcome applications from individual developers, startups, and established teams or companies. The team should possess the necessary skills and experience to successfully execute the project.

Commitment to collaboration

Applicants should be willing to actively engage with the team and community, sharing progress and insights. We value collaboration and open communication.

Sustainability and Impact

Projects that demonstrate a long-term vision with potential for sustainable impact in the DeFi space are highly encouraged.

Quality of proposal

The clarity, comprehensiveness, and quality of the application will be a critical factor in the evaluation process. Well-articulated proposals that clearly outline the project’s goals, milestones, and alignment with our SDK are essential.

Grant benefits

Development focus

Support structure

What we offer
Access to comprehensive documentation, technical support, and our vibrant community.
Grants up to $ 10,000 USD in STON tokens, specifically for development tasks like coding, debugging, and testing.

How to apply

Start Here

Complete the application form.

Receive confirmation

Get an acknowledgment email upon submission.

Await review

Our team will carefully review your application and get back to you with our decision.
Note: This is an evergreen program with no application deadlines. Apply anytime!
Application process

Why choose us?

Selection criteria
We look for projects that:

Innovate and bring new solutions to DeFi

Can significantly impact the Web3 and DeFi spaces

Demonstrate technical feasibility and a clear integration plan for our SDK

Our expectations

Grant recipients are expected to:

Obligations and responsibilities

Utilize funds strictly for development

Avoid outsourcing

Maintain high standards in code and project management

Engage actively with the community

Your innovations stay yours

Intellectual property

Maintain ownership of your IP

Choose appropriate licensing that supports the DeFi community

Non-compliance, misuse of funds, or ethical violations may lead to revocation of the grant. We operate with transparency and expect the same from our recipients.
Termination and revocation conditions

Program integrity

Ensure all project activities comply with applicable laws and regulations. Our program is designed to support compliant and ethical innovation in DeFi.

Legal and compliance

For more detailed information and to ensure you have all the tools needed for success, please refer to the links below:

Additional resources

Full grant terms

SDK documentation

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