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Instantly swap Toncoin for any coin or token at the best rate is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) built on the TON blockchain providing virtually zero fees, low slippage, an extremely easy interface, and direct integration with TON wallets.
Instantly swap tokens at the best rates
Provide liquidity and earn a portion of trading fees
Add liquidity
List your TON-based tokens
Contact us is a part of the TON universe

Fully decentralized system
All transactions are made directly between traders, and do not require a third-party. doesn’t have access to your coins/tokens and never asks for your personal information.
Virtually zero trading fees runs on the TON blockchain with much lower transaction costs and higher speed compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum.


(decentralized exchange)
(automated market maker)
Low to zero slippage
As an AMM, relies on liquidity pools and simple, yet sophisticated algorithms to determine token prices. This guarantees that you get the rates provided before the transaction.
Стрелку не удалять
STON is a jetton (token) built on the TON blockchain and intended for stimulating liquidity providers, governing the protocol and accumulating rewards for staking.

STON jetton

Learn more about STON jetton in whitepaper

Developers and liquidity providers Whitepaper
Liquidity Providing Tools