Become an official ambassador for Decentralized Exchange and be a part of our growth journey.

Join the Stonbassadors Program!

We are excited to announce DEX Ambassador Program. As we continue to build and expand our DEX, we believe our community plays a critical role in our growth and success. This program aims to empower passionate members of our community to actively contribute to our project and be rewarded for their efforts.

Goals of the Stonbassadors Program

Foster community engagement and active participation.

Boost DEX visibility across various platforms.

Provide accurate and informative content about DEX.

Encourage innovation and creative ideas for the platform’s growth.

As an ambassador, you are the bridge between DEX and the community. Here are some ways you could contribute:

Roles and Responsibilities

Content creation

Writing articles, creating videos, or crafting infographics that discuss DEX, its features, or the technology behind it.

Event management

Hosting online webinars, workshops, or offline meetups to introduce DEX to new users, educate the community, or discuss industry trends.

Community moderation

Establishing and managing online chat groups or forums to facilitate discussions around DEX, providing assistance and guidance to other community members.

Innovation and development

Designing and implementing services or features that enhance the utility of DEX, or developing tools that integrate with our platform.

Strategic partnerships

Building relationships with other communities and platforms to form strategic partnerships or collaborations. This could include organizing joint events or initiatives, sharing content, or cross-promotion.

User feedback collection

Gathering feedback from users about their experiences with DEX, including its functionalities, interface, and overall user experience. This valuable input can help us identify areas for improvement and guide future developments.

Social media advocacy

Engaging with our brand across social media platforms. This could involve sharing our posts, creating your own, commenting, or even participating in relevant discussions about DEX on other platforms. These activities can help expand our digital footprint and reach a wider audience.

Beta testing

As an ambassador, you may have early access to new features or services. Your role would be to test these features and provide constructive feedback to help us enhance our offerings before the public launch.

Training and mentorship

If you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or have a deep understanding of DEX, consider hosting training sessions or offering mentorship to newer community members. Your expertise could be invaluable in helping others navigate and fully utilize our platform.
We believe in the creativity and innovation of our community. While the tasks mentioned above provide a starting point, they are by no means an exhaustive list. We encourage our ambassadors to contribute in any way they see fit, leveraging their unique skills, experiences, and ideas. We do not set limits to the ways you can contribute; rather, we welcome a diverse range of initiatives that can help grow and enhance our community and platform. Your creativity and innovative ideas are what will truly shape the future of DEX.
Remember, these are only suggestions
These are specific categories of contributions that are especially valued. They represent areas where exceptional effort and creativity can earn higher rewards. We encourage our ambassadors to explore these categories as they offer a greater opportunity for recognition and reward. Please be aware that they are periodically updated, so stay tuned!

Premium Reward Categories

Innovation and development

Strategic partnerships

Event management

We value our ambassadors! With a monthly reward budget of up to 10,000 STON tokens, we ensure that our recognition matches your dedication. Plus, stand a chance to earn exclusive NFTs, including soulbound ones.

Rewards and Recognition

Unlike traditional programs, our ambassador reward system isn’t tied to a set 'menu' with fixed prices. Instead, we’ve built a dynamic, fair, and community-driven approach:
Reward tokens will be distributed among our ambassadors, taking into account the quality, impact, and effort of each contribution. This way, we ensure that our recognition and appreciation of our ambassadors is commensurate with their dedication and commitment to our community and platform.

Please be aware that only contributions that stand out in quality, creativity, and community impact will be rewarded.

Flexible rewards

The quantity and type of contribution will be considered when distributing rewards. More significant and impactful contributions will be eligible for higher rewards.

Monthly evaluations

Our team will review contributions on a monthly basis, acknowledging the efforts of each ambassador.

Community voting

Community members will have the opportunity to vote and influence reward distributions, creating a transparent and democratic reward system.
Stonbassador Program is open and accessible to all who wish to contribute. You don’t need to go through an application process to become an ambassador; instead, anyone can take the initiative.
Here’s how you can get started:

How to Become a Stonbassador

Start contributing

Begin by contributing to our community in a way that aligns with your skills, interests, and understanding of DEX. Remember, the ways you can contribute are not limited to the examples provided earlier — we encourage innovation and creativity.

Submit your contribution

Once you’ve made your contribution, submit the results or provide links to your work via our designated evaluation form. This could include links to articles, videos, social media posts, or any other form of contribution you’ve chosen.

Reward assessment

Our team, alongside our community, will evaluate your contribution and determine the reward based on its significance and impact.

Earn STON tokens

Upon successful evaluation, you’ll receive STON tokens in accordance with our reward system.
Your contributions might also get showcased on our designated web page, highlighting the collective efforts of our community.
As ambassadors, you are not only contributors to our platform, but also representatives of the brand and community. We hold our ambassadors to high standards of behavior:

Ambassador Code of Conduct


Our community thrives on mutual respect and inclusivity. We expect all ambassadors to foster a positive environment, treating each member with kindness and understanding.


Honesty and transparency should be at the core of your actions. Ensure that your contributions are your original work and give credit where it is due. Misleading or deceptive behaviors will not be tolerated.


As you represent DEX, it’s essential to maintain professionalism in your interactions within and outside of our community. This includes upholding STON. fi brand’s image, using appropriate language, and respecting others' privacy.


Ambassadors must comply with all relevant rules and regulations, including those related to copyright and intellectual property rights. Any violation can result in immediate removal from the program.
The full terms of the Stonbassador program can be found here
Got questions? Please feel free to contact us
Join us in our mission to grow and evolve DEX. Your commitment and creativity can make a difference!
Ensure your contact details are accurate, as we'll be reaching out via Telegram for any updates regarding your submission.

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Submit Your Work for Review

We’re excited to see what you’ve created! Please provide the necessary details below, including links to your work and a brief description. Our team will review your submission and contact you if your works are rewarded.

The form can be submitted no more than twice a month. Anyone spamming the form may be excluded from the program, and in such cases, their submissions will no longer be considered. You can submit any number of works and links in the form, instead of sending each work separately.