Dive deep into the world of protocol governance, earn rewards, and be a part of the change you wish to see.

Unlock the Power

of Staking with STON.fi!

Staking is a process where users lock up their tokens by depositing them into a smart contract. This isn’t just any contract; it’s an automated system designed to uphold the integrity of the staking program. Here’s how it works:

What is Staking?

Deposit & Lock

Users deposit their tokens into the smart contract, which acts as a secure vault.

Determine Rewards

The smart contract calculates the distribution of rewards based on the staking period defined by the user.

Earn & Grow

Rewards are disbursed over the user-defined staking period, allowing participants to optimize their earnings based on their commitment duration.
At STON.fi, we offer both staking and farming features. While they might seem similar at first glance, they serve distinct purposes and operate differently. Let’s break it down:

Staking vs. Farming: Know the Difference


This involves locking up your STON tokens in a smart contract to participate in protocol governance and earn rewards. It’s a way to have a say in the direction of our platform and grow your holdings at the same time.


Farming is all about maximizing your yield. As a STON.fi liquidity provider, you can farm to earn additional tokens. Unlike staking, where you block a single type of token, farming requires the staking of LP tokens. You can obtain these tokens by providing liquidity to the STON.fi DEX.

Why Stake with Us?

Governance Participation

By staking your tokens, you’re not just earning rewards. You’re gaining the power to make decisions and proposals within our protocol. Your voice matters, and we’re here to amplify it.

Exclusive Access to STON DAO

Staking grants you a golden ticket to the STON DAO, the heart of our decision-making process. Here, the future of STONfi is shaped, and you can be a part of that journey.

Robust Rewards

It’s not just about governance. Staking with us means you’re in for some lucrative rewards. Let your tokens work for you!
We’re not just any DEX. We’re a DEX with a vision and a promise. The introduction of the staking feature is a testament to our commitment to developing according to our roadmap. And guess what? We’ve delivered as promised!

With a DAO Treasury of a whopping 20 million tokens staked for 24 months, we’re all set to fund the next wave of protocol modernization initiatives. Our journey has just begun, and we’re excited to have you onboard.

Our Promise, Our Roadmap


Swap TON-based tokens and provide liquidity.

TON wallets support

Integration with all the popular wallets.


Easily integrate the DEX into any application.


The first farming feature in the TON ecosystem.


Stake tokens and join DAO.

Phase 1

Cross-chain TON ↔ TRON.
Swap between TON and TRON USDT seamlessly on DEX without bridges or wrapped tokens.
SDK cross-chain.
The STON.fi SDK supports cross-chain operations, enabling any project to integrate cross-chain functionality.

Phase 2

Polygon, other EVM chains: More blockchains integrated into the STON.fi DEX protocol.
Stableswap routing.
Swap synthetic assets using the optimal path and stableswap invariant for high-volume swaps, lower fees, and no liquidity limitations.

Phase 3

Cross-chain trustful protocol.
Full cross-chain protocol implemented for operations with any assets from all integrated networks.
Extra chain.
New blockchain added in the cross-chain protocol.

Phase 4

Telegram bot with cross-chain swaps.
A user-friendly Telegram bot enabling cross-chain operations for all Telegram users.
DAO governance.
DAO governance protocol launched.

Phase 5

Limit order book.
Enhanced with limit orders trading capabilities, allowing users to buy or sell at fixed prices.
Margin trading.
Margin trading, an advanced financial product, enables users to trade assets using borrowed funds from an AMM as collateral.
Gasless swaps.
Transaction fees are paid in any token, eliminating the need for native tokens in operations.
STON isn’t just another token; it’s the lifeblood of our decentralized exchange. Operating on the robust TON Blockchain, STON is seamlessly integrated into the core mechanics of our protocol, ensuring smooth transactions and unparalleled security.

Meet STON: The Heartbeat of Our Protocol

When you stake your STON tokens, you’re not just securing rewards. You’re unlocking the potential of two powerful tokens: ARKENSTON and GEMSTON.

ARKENSTON & GEMSTON: The Power Duo of Staking


This is a soul-bound non-fungible governance token. When you stake STON, you receive an equal amount of ARKENSTON tokens in your wallet. What’s unique about ARKENSTON is its non-transferable nature. It gives you the right to participate in DAO decision-making. These tokens represent your voting power, allowing you to propose, discuss, and vote on changes to the protocol’s parameters. At the end of your STON staking period, you can burn ARKENSTON and retrieve your STON tokens in full.


This is your engagement token. Like ARKENSTON, you receive an equal amount of GEMSTON tokens when you stake STON. However, GEMSTON is fungible and offers more flexibility. You can sell, swap, or transfer GEMSTON to other users. The future of GEMSTON is in the hands of the DAO, meaning the community will decide its development, mechanics, and circulation. Hold, trade, or transfer GEMSTON at your discretion.

Dive into the world of rewards, governance, and more. Stake your tokens today and be a part of our ever-evolving ecosystem