Trade in selected pools, complete various tasks, and accumulate prize points. The more you participate, the greater your rewards!

Stoncontest: Compete for a 10,000 STON Prize Pool!

March 18 — March 31, 2024

🚀 Your Path to Crypto Glory


Begin your journey with our step-by-step guide. Swap tokens, provide liquidity, and start farming in selected pools to earn points. Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned traders.


Trade in our specially selected pools and maximize your volumes. Your skills could earn you top-tier rewards based on our points system.


Web3 bingo! Buy selected tokens and guess the winning numbers. Strategy meets chance with fantastic rewards on the line.
Your Gateway to Crypto Mastery
The Ultimate Trading Challenge
Earn prize points across all activities with our unified prize system. Climb the tiers to enhance your winnings — the sky’s the limit!
🎯 Massive Prize Pool

10,000 STON up for grabs!

Use our Telegram bot for real-time updates, leaderboard standings, and direct navigation to each contest activity. Your journey to the top is at your fingertips!

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