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Instantly swap Toncoin

for any coin or token at the best rate

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Instantly swap Toncoin
for any coin or token at the best rate
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What is STON.fi

STON.fi is an AMM DEX for the TON blockchain

STON.fi is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) built on the TON blockchain providing virtually zero fees, low slippage, an extremely easy interface, and direct integration with TON wallets
Cross-chain TON <–> TRON
Swaps between TON and TRON USDT will be available on DEX without bridges and wrapped tokens.
SDK cross-chain
The STON.fi SDK will support cross-chain operations. Any project will be able to integrate cross-chain operations.
Cross-chain: Polygon, other EVM chains
More blockchain networks will be integrated to STON.fi DEX protocol.
Stableswap routing
Swap synthetic assets with the optimal path and the stableswap invariant. This opens access to any high-volume swap, lower fees, and does not limit the size of the swap to the liquidity amount.
Cross-chain trustful protocol
Full cross-chain protocol implementation access operation with any assets from integrated networks.
Extra chain
New network will be added in the cross-chain protocol.
Telegram bot with cross-chain swaps
Telegram-bot with user-friendly interface to provide all Telegram users cross-chain operations.
DAO governance
DAO governance protocol will be launched.
Limit order book
Limit orders qualitatively expand the capabilities of trading and provide the ability to form orders to buy or sell at a fixed price.
Margin trading
Margin trading is an advanced financial product. It refers to the practice of using borrowed funds from an AMM to trade assets, which serves as the collateral for the loan from the AMM.
Gasless swaps
Features allow to take transaction fees on the blockchain with any tokens. There is no need native tokens for any operations.
As an AMM, STON.fi relies on liquidity pools and simple, yet sophisticated algorithms to determine token prices
Low to zero slippage
TON blockchain has much lower fees and provides higher transaction speed compared to Bitcoin or Ethereum
Virtually zero trading fees
STON.fi doesn’t have access to your coins/tokens and never asks for your personal information
Fully decentralized

Decentralized and automated


Benefit in multiple ways

Gain from Fees
Instantly swap tokens at the best rates
List your TON-based tokens
Provide liquidity and gain from your share of trading fees
Request Listing
Provide Liquidity
Swap Coins
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Developers and liquidity providers

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